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Accidents happen; we should know, we've seen a plentiful amount in our 50 years of operation. But don't get discouraged - we can repair your glass furniture accidents so they're restored to good as new status.


We specialize in a full range of glass furniture repairs including tabletop disasters, glass shelving woes and cabinet glass damages. With A M Richards Glass Co Inc, you'll receive a level of craftsmanship you can't find anywhere else.

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From glass furniture repairs to commercial and residential projects, we're your most reliable, most experienced source for glass and window services. The pride and joy of our business is to be able to put a smile on our customers' face through excellent workmanship and friendly, genuine service.


Feel free to explore our other services such as 24 hour emergency board ups, screen repairs and window hardware options.

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Shattered furniture doesn't have to mean shattered dreams